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Rajasthan Tours - Heroism, Romance and Flourished Grand Empire

A tourist during Rajasthan Tours
Rajasthan is a glorious terrain where heroism, romance and grand empire flourished and lasted for several years. Rajasthan tours are an out and out reflection of glorious yester years, rich cultural heritage which perpetuate the state of Rajasthan as an awe inspiring destination from tourism point of view. The multihued backdrop and flamboyance of the imperial state sweep off the feet of the visitors flocking here from far and wide. The deserted kingdom might seem lackluster but under the mask of sand are hidden myriad magical vistas. The mighty palaces, fortresses and citadels 
A tough Life at Rajasthan
exhibit architectural marvel of the ancient artisans.

A tailor made tour to Rajasthan can add up to the most mind boggling experiences of your life. A number of sprightly festivals and fairs take place in Rajasthan on regular intervals and attending these jovial events is a pleasure in itself. The prominent cities of Rajasthan take in Jaipur, Jaiselmer, Udaipur, Jodhpur and Ranthambhore where a number of spectacular edifices, serene lakes, pristine places of pilgrimages and breathtaking panoramas keep the visitors entertain.
Fun during Rajasthan Tours
Booking a seat in the royal Palace on wheels for a lavish tour to Rajasthan can be opted if you belong to well off section.

None of the Rajasthan tour packages overlook the vast Thar Desert, infamous for its unruffled appearance. These packages differ according to the route it covers. One can easily go for the most suitable and reasonable tour package. The best tour package of Rajasthan promises a hassle free trip of Rajasthan in which there is glee galore.

Marvellous Jodhpur Fort - A Must See
During the Rajasthan tour, the backpackers experience the hospitality full of warmth from Rajasthanis. The inhabitants of Rajasthan are very compassionate and kind hearted. The beguiling flora and fauna and a wide variety of species in wildlife sanctuaries of Rajasthan may evoke the interest of nature lovers. The Rajasthan tours have so much to offers to real travelers. It just depends upon the travelers to grab all the excitements in the opportunities coming to you.

Rajasthan Spectacular Colors - Dancing
When you are on a tour to Rajasthan, the city with fanciful epithet of “solid strawberry cream cake” and “Pink City”, Jaipur – the capital of Rajasthan magnetize the spectators in such a way that all the wonderful memories and experiences leave behind. Jaipur is a perfect blend of doughty forts, lovely palaces, colorful gardens and pragmatic local markets. Other then Jaipur, Udaipur is a shining gem in the deserted state, flanked by verdant hills and boast of azure water lakes. The city has earned the title of most romantic spot in India. The Rajasthan tours are incomplete without a
A Camel Safari During Rajasthan Journey
visit to Jaisalmer, the golden city where Jain temples and reminiscent Havelis never fails to impress the visitors. Jodhpur – the blue city, Mount Abu – the only hill station and Bikaner in Rajasthan are also worth making a visit.

After having a clear idea about Rajasthan’s inevitable charm, it is impossible not to book any of the affordable Rajasthan tours. The glorious avenues of Rajasthan and richly ornamented establishments from time immemorial await your arrival! 

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Munnar Holiday Packages - Unleashing Natural Splendour In and Around Munnar

The land of winding lanes, lush greenery and sprawling tea plantations, Munnar is an oasis in the state of Kerala. Located on the confluence of Muthirappuzha, Nallathanni and Kundaly rivers, Munnar is a premium hill station in Kerala. Draped in verdant foliage, Munnar is beautifully placed in the Idduki district of Kerala in the south Western Ghats. After the heat of lowlands, the pristine views, craggy peaks, invigorating mountain air of Munnar strikes as a refreshing hideaway for the visitors. 
One look at the town reminds of those picture book towns described in fictional books. On Munnar holiday packages one can expect to witness angelic beauty extracted out of one’s fantasy and put to life. An amalgamation of nature’s bounty and captivating wildlife, Munnar tour packages offer a world of serenity and serendipity to each of its visitors.

The main attractions of Munnar Holiday Packages include:

Perched on an altitude of 1700 m above sea level, Mattupetty Lake and Dam is a pristine picnic spot. The scenic views surrounding are elegantly wrapped with stunning views of manicured tea plantations and the serene lake. Here boating at the crystal clear waters you can enjoy the warmth and tranquillity that the region exudes. The region is also famed for its highly specialized dairy farm- the Indo-Swiss Live Stock project which is worth a visit. Also one can indulge in activities like trekking and bird watching at Shola forests. 
The region is beautifully adorned with rivulets crisscrossing across the landscape filled with gripping greenery creating ideal habitat for variety of species of birds.

Atukkad Waterfalls
The scenic waterfalls situated amidst hills and jungles of Munnar create mesmerising scenery. The stunning waterfalls are ideal for a picnic amidst caresses of Mother Nature. Enhance your photography skills at the gorgeous falls to capture some rejuvenating memories of your most eventful 
and exciting Munnar holiday packages.

Pothamedu View Point
Situated short drives away from Munnar, Pothamedu’s rolling hills are draped in emerald hues of verdant tea plantations. The hills exude pleasant aroma of tea, coffee and cardamom whose plantations here together create a soothing sight. While athletic travellers push on trekking tours others prefer simple nature walks to set their eyes on tranquilizing views of Pothamedu.

Eravikulam National Park
The national park nestled along the Western Ghats in Idukki district of Kerala, Eravikulam National Park is situated a short distance from Munnar. The park consist of high altitude grasslands and numerous beauteous perennial streaks criss-crossing the entire terrain. The park has a recorded population of Nilgiri Tahr, Indian Muntjac, Gaur, Sambar Deer, Golden Jackal, Tigers, Leopards and more.

Munnar Holiday Packages offer great escapes to the lap of nature. Cascades and lush foliage and breathtaking 
vistas awaits you on visit to the region. The beauty of the land captivates while the adventure options thrills and the fragrance of aromatic valleys intoxicates here in Munnar. A journey to this pretty hamlet is sure to sedate all your senses leaving you behind with a rejuvenating experience which stays for long.

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Highlights of Ooty Holiday Packages

Ooty Holiday Packages - Travelmasti offers you best bounty holiday packages deal offering unique blend of Ooty holiday tour packages,information,types of packages at discounted rates.

People @Ooty Holidays
Situated in the heart of tech-savy Indian state, Tamil Nadu lays the ultimate oasis of emerald hues, stunning panorama and refreshing mountain winds at Ooty. The most popular hill station of south India, Ooty is located in the pristine Nilgiri Hills, it is the most delightful scenery marked by sprawling grasslands, mist clad mountains and gurgling sounds of ravines flowing amidst dense foliage. The city also known as “house in mountains” was given the name Otacamund describing its lush environs dotted with numerous mountains. 
Greenary beauty of Ooty
Those picking Ooty holiday packages can expect to seek the special knowledge with the help of locals and thus see Ooty which has been untouched by the guidebooks. Prepare yourself not just for your Ooty tour package, but to experience the hidden beauty spots known only to the natives, plan to see a rarely held event and set to actually living in the community of amicable locals rather than just watching the panorama from a distance.

Enjoy holiday @Ooty
The pleasure of travelling in the hill station lays in simply gazing at the misty mountains and taking in the invigorating breeze brings every time the wind blows. Most Ooty Holiday Packages offer great opportunity to explore the verdant environs as they open up a world of serenity and euphoria to you. While in the hill station the places one must not miss are:

Ooty Botanical Garden
Sightseeing tour of Ooty will surely land you up at the picturesque gardens that 
Ooty Botanical Garden
encompass about 22 hectares of landscape. The beauteous gardens have more than 650 species of plants and trees together creating a gorgeous sight. The park also contains a fossil of a tree believed to be over 20 million years old; a hub of nature enthusiasts and lovers of long walks will find plenty of reasons to visit the park over and over again. For other than simply being pretty the park is also a hub of various cultural activities held here annually.

Doddabetta Peak

Doddabetta Peak, ooty
With an altitude of 2626 meters, Doddabetta Peak is possibly the most spectacular vantage point. Grab your cameras to the peak and take away some of the most fascinating sights of the picture-perfect valley. Whether an ace photographer or just an amateur one you are bound to get some amazing pictures for its natural bounty never escapes any frame.

Ooty Rose Gardens
An ideal place to spend some romantic time with your spouse. 
Ooty Rose Gardens
Rose gardens are known for numerous varieties of roses which can also be bought here. One can also buy seeds and plants from here.

Other attractions on these Ooty holiday packages comprise of a Wax Museum, aromatic tea estates, boating at Pykara and more. Also a little adventurous sort of travellers can choose to drive a little further towards the neighbouring national parks such as Mukurthi National Park and Mudumalai National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary. 
Friends watching scenic beauty of Ooty
These parks are home to various endangered species of flora and fauna and are great escapes to the wilderness. With so much on offer simple Ooty Holiday Packages are transformed into great holiday treat bequeathing you behind with fabulous memories of a holiday spent amidst nature’s bounty.

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Nainital Holiday Packages - Explore Stunning Vistas

Nainital Holiday Packages - Travelmasti offers you best bounty holiday packages deal offering unique blend of Nainital holiday tour packages,information,types of packages at discounted rates.

People Enjoying @Nainital
The favourite hill resort, Nainital is the land ever blossoming with natural beauty.  The land known for its heart-warming natural splendour, exuberance and a tranquilizing panorama is brimming with numerous tranquilizing lakes.  A renowned tourist destination in the northern part of the nation, Nainital remains crowded with holiday makers, families and honeymooners during the pleasant months of winters.  A steep forested valley around the deep volcanic Lake Naini, Nainital was founded by British rulers.  
Trekking Tour @Nainital
The magnificent views of the vast plains and beauteous snowy ranges of Himalayas can be obtained from the town of Nainital.  The highlight of all Nainital holiday packages is the pear-shaped Naini Lake; surrounded by lush greenery the lake looks stunning and is thronged by multitude of visitors year round.  Those picking Nainital tour packages can expect to see beauteous vistas, simplicity and serendipity at its best and experience the region’s colourful cultural vivacity.

Naina Devi Temple - Nainital
The sightseeing tours of these Nainital Holiday Packages will include visits to following:

Naina Devi Temple
The renowned Naina Devi Temple makes one of the must visit attractions of the tour of the region.  Destroyed in the landslip which took place in the year 1880 was later rebuilt at the shores of Naini Lake.  The presiding deity of the temple is represented by two eyes of Goddess Naina Devi.     

Tiffin Top
Sattal @Nainital
The terraced hill top, it is also known as Dorothy’s Seat.  Situated on Ayarpatta hill, it is a small hike from the centre of the town and promises stunning view of the region’s country side and beauteous environs.

Bhimtal Lake
The Lake named after the Pandava brother Bhima, from a Hindu epic, is a large beauteous reservoir.  An island in the middle of the lake is a famous hangout zone with a famous restaurant serving delicious cuisines 
Nakuchiya Tal @Nainital
and stunning views around.   

In the Lower Himalayan Range, the Sattal Lake is a cluster small interconnected lakes.  Located amidst an old oak forest, Sattal creates stunning scenery.

Nakuchiya Tal
Another famous lake of the region Nakuchiya Tal is the deepest of them all.  The lake is pristine and as per the legend it has magical powers; 
Naini Lake @Nainital
it is believed that if one can take all nine corners of the lake in one glimpse, one can disappear in a cloud of smoke.

Naini Lake
The famous Naini Lake makes the quintessential of all Nainital holiday packages.  The lake known for its beauty and surrounding natural splendour has numerous restaurants at its shores from where one can enjoy the scenic beauty of the lake for hours.  Boating is one of the favourite activities here for tourists and natives alike.

Ranikhet and Kausani are other famous resorts neighbouring Nainital which can be reached in no time for a refreshing experience.  While Kausani is known for charming sunrise views of Himalayas, Ranikhet mesmerizes with its lush orchards and pretty temples.  Nainital Holiday Packages thus are laden with numerous tranquilizing experiences ideal for a quick getaway in the lap of Mother Nature. 

Travelmasti is a traveler who likes to share his experiences. All the articles published by him will help you understand India better and answer all your holiday queries regarding North India Tour, Travel to Rajasthan including Mahabaleshwar Holiday Packages etc. Find tourist info on travel destination, Holiday Packages, India Tour and much more.
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